Consulting to Improve Meetings
as a Parliamentarian

What parliamentary principles guide Jim Lohr?
  1. Fair "Everyone in the group participates, but no one is allowed to dominate."
  2. Efficient "Members come prepared and the necessary business is done promptly."
  3. Documented "Accurate records of decisions provide clear and fair organizational histories."
What parliamentary services does Jim offer?
  1. Teach Classes on the Efficient Use of Procedures
  2. Explain or Revise Bylaws or Constitutions
  3. Serve as Parliamentarian/Chairman during Meetings
  4. Train, Advise, or Write Scripts for Busy Chairmen
  5. Trim Meetingsí Agendas for Tighter Focus
  6. Encourage Pre-Meeting Distribution of Motions
  7. Set Time Limits to Control Dominant Members
  8. Show Texts of Agendas and Motions on Screens
  9. Convene Cross-Industry Strategy Groups
  10. Write a Parliamentary Opinion
What innovative products does Jim offer?
  1. Building Confidence for Chairing Meetings! CD©
  2. "Ladder of Motionsí Visual Display Board"
  3. "Ladder of Motionsí 10 4-Part Report Forms"©
  4. "Ladder of Motionsí 25 4-Part Report Forms"©
Chair Meetings Ladder of Motions
Report Forms 10 Report Forms 25
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Publishing to Reduce Anxiety with the Building Confidence CDs! Series

Why use Jim Lohr's anxiety-reduction CDs?
  Anxious thoughts automatically flow from tense muscles. The human version of Pavlovís method of reconditioning works if a student or adult repeats muscle relaxation exercises combined with mental visualization several times. These CDs provide a drug-free, economical, and easy-to-use method to recondition away the anxiety and free the mind.

CDs for Students and Adults
Math Take Tests  Speeches  Job Interviews 

These four CDs are also available in one set.

Build Set

Other CDs for Adults and Elementary Students
Instramental Performance  Vocal Performance Chair Meetings Dental
A CD Program for Students Grades 2-6
Taking Tests
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