1. Teach Your Classes on the Organization of Procedures

Like many of his professional parliamentary colleagues, Jim does not believe most people want to become professional parliamentarians. Most officers want to guide their organizations meetings fairly (Fairness is the best long-term policy.), efficiently (Well-planned meetings are the usually the fastest – and most satisfying.); and with clear documentation (Accurate records help prepare for unexpected challenges.).

Robert’s Rules of Order, Newly Revised is the undisputed bible of parliamentary procedure but includes 86 different motions. Most of these motions are seldom used in most organizations in most meetings. This specialized knowledge is valuable, but not always immediately useful.

Jim’s copyrighted “Ladder of Motions” provides seven motions frequently used in average meetings and a “catchall” “Other” motion. This allows a chairman to make many decisions quickly – but allows the members to overrule those decisions by a majority vote.

Jim’s Class Offerings include:
  • 1 Hour – The ‘Ladder of Motions’ as normally used in typical meetings. Digital recording of class members’ practices can be provided if more time is allotted.
  • 2 Hour - Analysis of more of Robert’s entire 86 Rules
  • 1-Hour- Reviewing Bylaws in General and evaluation of an Organization’s own bylaws. If bylaws are being revised by the organization, this will help the committee revising the bylaws.
  • 1-Hour – Committees and their Procedures
  • 1-Hour – Minutes and Reporting Procedures
  • 1-Hour – Voting Procedures

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