2. Explain or Revise Your Bylaws or Constitutions

The primary document of an organization may be its Articles of Incorporation, Constitution, or Bylaws. If there is more than one, the first of the list above will be primary. Generally now, a set of bylaws is the preferred document. Bylaws usually include the following provisions:

  1. Name of the Organization
  2. Object or Purpose of the Organization
  3. Members with eligibility and dues
  4. Officers with duties and terms of office
  5. Meetings with frequency and provisions for an annual meeting
  6. Executive Board or Board of Directors
  7. Committees
  8. Parliamentary Authority (90% have a “current edition” of Robert’s Rules of Order, Newly Revised.)
  9. Amendment of Bylaws (Usually providing notice one meeting ahead and at least a 2/3 vote.)

In recent years a clause clarifying provisions for “dissolution” of the organization and any of the organization’s assets is usually included in new sets of bylaws or added during bylaw revisions.

If the organization is a sub-unit of a larger organization or has sub-units of its own, there will need to be provisions on those relationships. And every organization is subject to state and national laws.

Many organizations contact a parliamentarian to help write or revise their bylaws efficiently.

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