How can the ‘Ladder of Motions’ Report Form help meetings be Efficient and Documented?

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When an organization becomes aware of a problem or opportunity, members should research it thoroughly and develop a “best solution” to the problem or opportunity. This “best solution” is then phrased as a “main motion” to be discussed and decided at a meeting. Each of us has sat through a meeting where the bulk of the time was spent developing a basic idea. Requiring that ideas be brought to a meeting already formulated into main motions can save significant time and exasperation. If a motion can be circulated before the meeting by email, the time savings will be greater.

If the mover of the motion gives copies of the main motion to the chair, the secretary, and in a large organization or convention, the projectionist, the motion can be considered promptly and efficiently. The three-self-carboned-copies of the ‘Ladder of Motions’ Report Form allow the chairman, secretary, and projectionist to have accurate copies immediately. After a second to the motion, the chair can accurately read the motion before discussion and again before the vote is taken. With a copy of the motion in front of the chairman and the secretary, their wording will be accurate. Once the main motion is “on the floor,” that is, under consideration, the Report Form can be used to record an amendment, whether that amendment is adopted or defeated, and other higher priority motions. And the Report Form documents the final disposition of the motion as adopted or failed for accurate reporting to appropriate authorities or as publicity to a media outlet. The ‘Ladder of Motions’ Report Form helps officers lead meetings.

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