How can the ‘Ladder of Motions’ Display Board help your meeting be Fair and Efficient?

Ladder of Motions
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Ladder of Motions

By letting all the members see what motion is “on the floor.”

Jim Lohr began teaching classes in Parliamentary Procedure at Iowa State University in the 1970’s. He found that visual aids helped students grasp the flow of business through a meeting more quickly. In 2003, Lohr ranked 8 frequently-used motions visually as a “Ladder of Motions.” The “Ladder” ranks the priority of actions which can be moved in a meeting. Under the guidance of a capable chairman, members move motions “up the ladder.” Discussion is restricted to the motion on the highest slide moved to the right until that motion is either adopted or defeated by the majority. The chairman moves the voting “down the ladder” until that entire item of business is decided. Then the chairman promptly moves on to the next item of business. The 'Ladder of Motions' Display Board keeps the members’ attention focused on the item being discussed.

This 28” x” 21”x 11” board can be read from 50 feet away.  It is built from durable white acrylic. Each colored slide is 2” tall with each actual letter 1˝” tall. The board itself is 1/8” thick acrylic with two triangular supports between the slanted front and acrylic base. A “Parliamentary Card” is included which explains the priority and phrasing of each motion.

Jim With Ladder of Motions