Can Building Confidence for Chairing Meetings! help a new or "rusty" chairman?

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Building Math Confidence
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Professional athletes practice so well and so often, they do not think about their "mechanics."  Golfers trust their swings and basketball players trust their shots.  Building Confidence for Chairing Meetings! helps new and "rusty" chairmen handle essential motions and begin that same level of ease and comfort.  Lohr trains chairmen with relaxation and visualization exercises to chair meetings comfortably, fairly and efficiently using the CD.

The ten audio tracks on Building Confidence for Chairing Meetings! include calling the meeting to order, presiding over the standard agenda and then moving comfortably into new buisness with the eight motions in the "Ladder of Motions" below:

Lohr's "Ladder of Motions"

                          Adjourn. (Finish the Meeting.)
                      Recess (For a meal, break or dignitary.)
                   Other (Decided by the chair, subject to a majority vote.)
                Previous Question (Close Discussion - 2/3 vote required.)
             Postpone (This meeting or the next meeting, for an interruption.)
          Refer (To committee to study, compromise, finish an action.)
       Amend (Change or clarify the intent or the wording.)
    Main Motion (Best Solution to a problem; Basis for all work.)

(Move Up the Ladder; Discuss; Vote Back Down.)

Building Confidence for Chairing Meetings! is explained more by clicking this same CD's icon in the right column of this Home Page.  Lohr's "Ladder of Motions" is also used in the "'Ladder of Motions' Report Form" and the "'Ladder of Motions' Display Board" described in the Home Page.