3. Serve as a Parliamentarian or Chairman

Normally, a paid parliamentarian is not a member of the organization.  Parliamentarians do not introduce or vote on any motions, parliamentarians are impartial, best serving the total organization - for it's long-term needs.

In individual meetings, parliamentarians usually serve as an advisor to the chairman of the meeting. The parliamentarian’s advice is only advice, and the chair’s ruling on a given motion is final. The parliamentarian’s advice can be discretely provided for the chair when seated next to, or at least near to, the chair. A softly whispered hint may be all the chair needs to speed the procedures.

A parliamentarian is often helpful in planning a convention or conference of delegates. Often a credentials committee will be needed to estatblish quorum and assure accurate representation at the start of the meeting and throughout, especially if delegates might need to leave before the convention is completed. If there are committee reports to be filed or committees’ recommendations adopted, a parliamentarian my help to be sure the presentation-styles will be unified for most efficiency. If there will be voting different types of issues to be presented and voting for officers, the parliamentarian may also be useful in reviewing or establishing voting procedures which will best serve the group.

Parliamentarians may be asked to chair a meeting in the absence or incapacity of a chairman

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