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Building Math Confidence
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The CDs in this set reduce counselors' and teachers' workloads with the four most-often-requested needs from student counseling services.   Or parents or grandparents can provide this set for "whole families" where children have different needs.

The price of this set has been reduced from $59.80 from buying the CDs individually to $39.95 for all four, a reduction of $19.85 or 32% since each individual CD is also available at $14.95 apiece.  And with this set there is only one shipping fee.

Each CD can be used independently.  The skill each student or adult needs to develop is provided on the CD printed on the label.  Each CD includes a downloadable pretest and posttest for individuals or administered to whole classes to identify the most-anxious students.  Each CD contains 12-audio-tracks applying the needed skills.  And each CD includes its own narrated visual description of how the tensing and relaxing exercises are done correctly.


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